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ScarFall : The Royale Combat
ScarFall : The Royale Combat

OS: Android/IOS


Updated: January 18, 2021

Size: 70M

Offered: XSQUADS Tech LLP





Scarfall, the ultimate made in india battlegrounds mobile game. It is an offline and online shooting game. One of the best multiplayer games with strategic gameplay. Experience the journey of a real survival shooter on the battlefields. Explore the environments of the shooting battlegrounds with parachute landing from the high-speed flying helicopters. Encounter the best strategy action multiplayer game to hit your play store this year. Build up your own rules for the online and offline multiplayer shooter. Survive in the shrinking safe zone with utmost 3 chances to win over the war and be the #1 survivor in unknown battlegrounds. Featuring team deathmatch and solo deathmatch which you can play online or offline with intense 4v4 squad OR duo. Play as a lone soldier OR with the clan to combat with rivals. Scarfall offers TPS (Third Person Shooter) and FPS (First Person Shooter) play with modern vehicles to roam around quickly and reach the final destination in the shrinking zone.


First of all, I just downloaded this latest 2020 and I miss it so I decided to download it again, I am speechless like wow, the game improvements, the errors they emit, that's why I deleted it last year, it was so damn that they did not come back to errors and now I am speechless due to the improvements. Also, there are so many maps that you can select and you can play it offline and online, that's all I love this game now and I won't delete it again de. Keep it up thanks for this game that we love❤️ The best game I have played so far I edited it because I mistakenly submitted it anyway, its graphics are even better than freefire and now freefire is boring for everyone, it plays scarfall and for people who rate a star and say it is a copy , it's much more realistic like free fire, you don't go in fps and get hit, that's not how it works in real life. You can also ride helicopters. And the most realistic thing is that you need gasoline to drive cars. I can't imagine that I'm playing almost a PUBG version but offline! Thanks for creating this developer game! The enemies are challenging even if they are bots ... It's like real players with their own strategies ... I love this game! But I only have one problem in this game ... the controls are sometimes late ... but only sometimes and it didn't affect the whole game! Keep up the good game! The developer deserves a reward for copying LMAO, but I love it!