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OS: Android/IOS


Updated: June 12, 2020

Size: 58M

Offered: akseno2





LokiCraft Build and Destroy Blocks. Get Resources and Create various Tools, Blocks and Weapons with which you can survive and build unique Buildings. Choose your path in this world - the Builder (Creative mode) or the Ruthless Hunter who will do everything to survive (Survival mode)!


This game was great, I wouldn't say I'm too "broken" for minecraft. It's just that I didn't want to waste money on something I'm going to uninstall soon. But at least LokiCraft was kind of like Minecraft, it was a lot of fun, I don't mind ads popping up randomly, because I'm always in creative mode. I like being the creative mode because I like looking outside my house and copying some buildings and stuff, I don't like survival mode because I'm better at building than surviving. Great game like Minecraft, but some items are missing like banners, beacons, spawn dog, spawn cat etc. Also when I forget to disable my Wi-Fi and an ad appears when I try to tap "Back to Game", it does not work so I have to close the game completely and reopen it, fix that. And please let's switch between the time like "midnight" in the chat and also show us how to open the chat. But the game itself is great This game is so good! It looks like Minecraft, but I have a problem with that. #1: There is no multiplayer option. #2: Whenever I go to someone's seed, it can't work, put something else. #3: I can't create myself. And much more... And it has lots of ads (you need to know that the app developer has placed ads in this app), there will be less ads if you close your wifi or mobile data! This is great and good, so I rated it 5 stars! Thanks! - Emman This game is like minecraft. I think we can all say that despite everything, this game is good, so Imma gives 5 stars, but sometimes when I try to open my world my screen goes black, I don't know why, but it only takes a few seconds later it's back to normal and not really a big issue for me, i also read some of the reviews and they said 'almost killed my phone' like i really didn't understand or is it just them having this issue but yeah overall it's good!