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How to Loot - Pin Pull & Hero Rescue
How to Loot - Pin Pull & Hero Rescue

OS: Android/IOS


Updated: June 15, 2021

Size: 81M

Offered: Azura Global





Play How to Loot - the pin rescue game and you will have to solve brain-damage puzzles to pull the pin, help knights destroy monsters, pin rescue the princess and find treasure. The beauty and countless treasures are waiting for you to pick up. Let’s play now! In this pin lock game, you need to go through tough challenges like: pull pin to save man, pull the pin to pick up treasure, pin rescue the princess. So you'll have to use IQ, all of your wits, to logically pull the pin. When you pull the pin to save man in a pin lock game, pick up the treasure, there will be scary monsters lurking around, you have to be careful, calculate carefully before pulling the pin to avoid the ugly monsters.


This game shows everything the fake ads of other games pretend to be. I've clicked on so many games that show completely different gameplay in their ads, and I really hate it when that happens. This game has "pull pin to save princess", "match equals" feature game, "dig sand to reach goal" and more. This game really gives me the gameplay that I've been led to believe so many others lied about having in their ads. Devin Keeling, May 4, 2021 I'm happy to say this game does what it claims. Whenever I see these ads with games that are pin puzzles, they are often misleading. Fortunately, this game also features some cool mini-games. I have 2 complaints. First it's a little too easy. I didn't really feel challenged as usual. S ... Full Review It's a great game and I like it a lot, it might be better if you did the hero walking animation or physics or something correct, because the hero sometimes struggles to walk on the little rocks