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Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime
Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime

OS: Android/IOS


Updated: May 25, 2021

Size: 44M

Offered: Gameloft SE





Ready to roll the dice on a life of crime? Then the city of Las Vegas is waiting for a gangster like you! It’s always crime season for mafia cartels and gangs, so only a real rock star could survive in the famous TPS Gameloft game, Gangstar Vegas! Run free in a massive open game world full of gang wars; thieves stealing no matter what; vice all around the streets and locals; racing cars, motorcycles, trucks and boats; shooting and sniper action; clan conspiracies; terror on the streets with zombie shooting; incredible street fights; and other absolutely fun and completely wild action missions with weapons and vehicles, just like in your favorite crime movies!


This is an amazing game. The graphics are good and the game is very fun. New Orleans Gangstar too. Gameloft, could you do an update? Here's my idea: you can have your own house / mansion / apartment / condo just like in New Orleans, and you can get into buildings, like GTA 5! The game is very good and it is like gta. Keep up the good work! Thanks. Very good game, except the fact that it is always online and if you don't have Facebook you can't play with friends or family, apart from that and the ads there are a lot of which I like. Future ideas maybe put it so that you can buy a house and then maybe improve it or something and maybe better mechanics like you already have a parachute without having to buy it but aside from that great game I am playing this game of 2020 and it is the best game on the subject of graphics and such a great story. Jason handles missions from different people and the missions never end. Side missions are useful too. But add a home for Jason and more characters to play with. And also decrease the ads.