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Idle Miner Tycoon: Mine & Money Clicker Management
Idle Miner Tycoon: Mine & Money Clicker Management

OS: Android/IOS


Updated: June 18, 2021

Size: 139M

Offered: Kolibri Games





Are you a true gold miner? Become a mine factory tycoon, build an empire, earn money, build a business and get rich in this idle tycoon simulator game where you can make money by investing! Expand your millionaire mining and increase productivity with gold miner who will automate the workflow of your factory! Discover the manager strategy to invest in and earn as much cash as possible in this idle tycoon simulator - Live as a miner millionaire tycoon! Be a gold digger and start digging for gold now! This is not a clicker mining game: no need for endless tapping like other clickers or idle simulator. Do you like idle clicker and earn money simulator games? Want to be a gold digger? Idle Miner Tycoon is a simulation game that mixes mining management and earning tons of money to become a rich capitalist millionaire. Unlike other simulator and clicker games, the aim of this miner simulator is to build gold resources to gain as many idle benefits as possible: with the income that you make from the mine, you will have to hire and pay managers, upgrade your factory, and mining buildings as well as optimize your miner for the perfect timing of the whole mining process. What makes this different from the other idle games is that you can become a mine manager tycoon, build a millionaire factory, and earn money by optimizing the factory workflow in this manager game like in a clicker simulator. Make more factories in this idle simulator until you become a rich gold tycoon! Enjoy this miner tycoon adventure, try this money simulator game and become a gold miner.


This is the best idle game I've ever played, I won't lie, but what I hate about this game is that you have to pay a lot to get 2x or 5x and more and also for the money you have to pay a lot and I mean pay with the dollars , not with coins. Also more graphics pls and more events pls! And also less coins to pay maybe 50% off? best game. I deleted it and haven't downloaded it for about 10 years. then led me to something different and then signed me back up on my other acc. if I didn't do that, I would only have 1 star. but other than that, it's the best game there is with roblox and minecraft. For an idle mobile game, this one is awesome. Watching ads is optional and does not force you to watch a non-skipable 30-second ad without reward (this is my case, you may get pop-up ads). I didn't deduct a star because you really deserve it. I'll wait for the next updates and thanks for your awesome game! Probably the best inactive game ever. No hard pushed ads to make you buy stuff to advance to the next level. I have been playing this game for a long time and yes it is very addictive, I would definitely recommend downloading it if you are looking for a balanced inactive game