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The Baby In Yellow
The Baby In Yellow

OS: Android/IOS


Updated: January 24, 2022

Size: 168M

Offered: Team Terrible





★★★★★ White Rabbit Update - Out Now! ★★★★★ Babysitters often have to deal with unruly children, but this one might be your last... how long will you stay in control? ★★ 5 Chapters ★★ ★★ Hidden collectables ★★ ★★ Fun Ragdoll Physics ★★ ★★ Puzzles ★★ ★★ Jump scares ★★ ★★ BIG HEAD MODE ★★ Originally made in 48 hours for the GMTK Jam 2020


I liked it. Beat it, but I don't know what happens with the toybox. Kinda unnerving at times. Interesting puzzles. A good amount of detail. Good graphics, smooth game play. Never lagged or noticed any bugs.. A little awkward to control, but it works. I put him in the oven... idk, I just had too... It was fun. Pretty short, but I'm glad about that. Did get the chills. Worth a try for sure. The graphics are really nice compared to other horror games, it was a nice little story line that didn't take too long to fully complete. I didn't experience any glitches, the crouch button was working fine. I think you should try this game out and support the creators, although we could complete this game in a day, it takes them months to put it together. The gane is honestly really good! Of course there can still be improvements and maybe more things added to understand more of the story. So thats why I only gave 4 starts, one feature I would really like is instead of pinching/touching the screen to pick stuff up and open doors etc. I feel like a action button would be way more affective, since I find it hard and tidus to try to pick the baby up or open the door and it doesnt work or the baby just flops around. But this game definitely fun!