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Vlogger Go Viral: Streamer Tuber Life Simulator
Vlogger Go Viral: Streamer Tuber Life Simulator

OS: Android/IOS


Updated: June 18, 2021

Size: 42M

Offered: Tapps Games





The next big-time streamer influencer with millions of followers and viral web celebrity can be you! Start your own streamer channel, win tons of loyal followers. Streamer idle videos with cute pet mascots and get millions of views and followers, and react to your fandom's passionate reactions to keep them engaged to your viral & popular content! Stop looking for getting famous streamer idle simulator games, because you've just found it!


I like this game because it's so much fun and it shows how everything works on YouTube and stuff so I mean I just like the game and I've had this game since 2020 and I forgot about the game and forgot what it was called so I kept going I kept looking animation games on YouTube, but I didn't find it, but today is the day I found it bye, I love this 5-star rating style I remember the first time I played it. It was much simpler. It was exactly the same ONLY BETTER!! this game is great and recommended if you like clicker and/or simulator games. But you need 100,000 subscribers to get the locker. And that's a task for me to do when I love a certain hat or piece of clothing and it seems like a daunting task when its new. I loved this game for a long time!! And it doesn't need a lot of storage! You can choose the theme of your video... such as gameplay, cats, travel, music, books, sports and more! And you can watch small ads to upload faster! If that's not convincing... you can watch other people's stream and you can customize your vlogging setup and memorize it too! Ads aren't much, honestly I can't think of anything I don't like about this game! LUVED this game. So cool. Stay up the good work! Oh, by the way, I saw that in the last update, you only need to see third-party ratings, unless you want to, as a reward or something. Amazing game, almost no ads and runs smoother than before (although when I made my first video, it crashed before I could publish it>M<)!