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Tall Man Run
Tall Man Run

OS: Android/IOS


Updated: April 28, 2022

Size: 85M

Offered: Supersonic Studios LTD





Get as tall and wide as you can to take out bots and beat the level!


Tom and Ron is the best because like it’s just so cool I can’t do anything that I think I can do is I am not going to do just one start I am doing 1 million so this game is the best just for a minute that level one and two or pretty much I should say just a little bit harder because you’re a little bit shorter but I just love this game so much I just want to have it for 9 million years before this year I’ll make this short so if you don’t like the adds just turn your internet off and then no adds and also you can do a glitch to get those add skins for free! Just tape them when your internet is off Lol oh and you can get the add hats for free just repeat oh and I only gave this five star so you guys can see this