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Real Gangster Crime
Real Gangster Crime

OS: Android/IOS


Updated: June 2, 2021

Size: 100M

Offered: Naxeex Studio





Welcome to the ghetto gangster real life simulator. The criminal world will always exist, these are the rules of the game. In this free game you have to try to go a long and thorny path to the pinnacle of success. The price of success in this underground world is very high, few can reach the top. Try your skills in an exciting 3D third-person shooter with RPG elements and plunge into the atmosphere of street life in an open 3D world. You are waiting for daily action throughout the big city. A dangerous and fascinating world in which harsh laws apply will appear before you in all its glory. If you are ready to test yourself - then go ahead, show everyone who is a real gangster in this city, eliminate all fake competitors and call a big underground empire yourself.


It has fuzz vans made k TV and now I watch the moment and I will have to be able to make a decision on the right to monitor the best way to go to a friend of mine who is the best at the same time day and I will not be a problem for me and my family and I will have to do with a few minutes a few days ago of the day of and it took him a while to answer getting the minutes walking to the right to monitor the best at the same time, I have taken a while to answer, getting a few minutes to walk to the UK. I really like this because I'm bored of playing free fire, so delete it. I am looking forward to playing an interesting game. My friend suggested this game to me and I kept playing it. This game was turned with interest and I am playing this every day. But this game will improve no gta no free fire no pubg only "REAL GANGSTAR CRIME, it's like gta 5 but better, i'm updating it to be 100/100 percent game. I highly recommend anyone to play this game thanks naxxex for making this game please add more story missions and something really cool like a bigger jet map. a bus, planes, airport and a hotel in which you can buy a room, please add it in the next update.