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The Tribez: Build a Village
The Tribez: Build a Village

OS: Android/IOS


Updated: June 22, 2021

Size: 130M

Offered: Game Insight





Start an exciting farm tour at The Tribez and take your family with you! The Tribez is not just one of the island games, farm adventures or family games: it is a city building simulator and adventure, with a charming tribe leading a peaceful village life, growing crops and taming adorable pets. . Travel to a settlement on a lost island, discover an adorable tribe of virtual villagers, and start upgrading the village, turning it into a beautiful city. In addition to cultivating, cultivating, tending your own garden, and gathering the harvest when it is ripe, you will be able to participate in tons of exciting activities that other village games simply don't have. Plant a crop, harvest it, stock up on hay for the horses, repeat. The Tribez is a vibrant farming adventure filled with amazing stories, charming characters, and heartwarming moments. Explore one of the most unusual farming adventures out there! There are also countless village life adventures waiting for you on the lost island - every time you unravel a valley in the mist, it gives you a place to build and also grow crops! Be sure to share this pure joy with your family, because it is the best farming adventure for your family you have ever seen!


Tribez is a lot of fun. I play is unzip. However, one thing that bothers me is that we cannot rotate buildings, etc. I like to personalize my space, but it is not possible with everything looking in the same direction. Also, it would be nice if apple trees were harvestable! I feel so frustrated because there is so much wasted space! It cannot be built or placed in the "shadow or shadow". Also, the missions are difficult to finish for beginners! Enjoying the game, the graphics and the design. Now I'm going to install the game for the third time, I opened the previous game only to have a blank screen. I will try to play it now. I tried to install the game and got to the logo and the screen went blank, playing on Android on my tablet. The same goes for Tribez Beta. Please help. I love to play this game. Thanks. Having reinstalled the game, we'll see what happens. I'm still having fun playing. I have the game installed on four different devices. That's how much I like the game. For those of you who spend real money on the game, you should know that they now offer less at a higher price. You would have to pay more to get less than what they used to offer when buying gems or gold. Then there's the annoying pop-up window ("HOT DEAL!"). But if you can look past those things, it's a fun game. I love my village that I have been creating ... a little confusing in the missions and reading the race information, neither the energy lasts about 5 minutes in the missions, grateful for the little cabins that I restore on each island to give me a couple of extra minutes of my missions. My people, a work in progress, and I thank the extra guy every day I log in. I can't wait to get more than 1 each login. VIP level 5 is a bit slow, I can't buy in apps as much as I would like. You still enjoy the graphics and all the details it has!