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Vampire's Fall: Origins RPG
Vampire's Fall: Origins RPG

OS: Android/IOS


Updated: June 15, 2021

Size: 135M

Offered: Early Morning Studio





You wandered over here, raised by a powerful family, and think you have the stuff to save us all. Well, gods save us! We’re lucky to have fresh meat like you on our side! Maybe you really will turn into the powerful champion that will go through hell to find the Witchmaster, strike him down in battle, and usher in peace for all the realm.


I love this game, I have a lot of respect for the developers because I feel like the story of this game was really thought out and very well designed. Balanced and awesome spooky vibes from certain areas and enemies, and you don't need to be online to play the actual game (there's an online pvp thing that's pretty good too). I wish I could promote this game more because of how beautiful it was made, I just hope to see more missions to do in the future, but I love it, 10/20 This game is a classic story based RPG and lots of side missions to keep you under control! This is what RPG stood for back then! Lots of good side quests to level up and interesting main quests for stories. Also, the humor in the game is priceless (I really like the "haha, you farted" angel statue, lmaooo). Developers, keep updating the game with content and moods to entertain your player base. I can see that the game is made with passion and with passion comes a loyal fan base! This is probably one of the best mobile games I have ever played. I can say that the developers took their time and effort to create an amazing gaming experience. I can also see the influences behind this creation. Diablo, Divine Divinity, Baldurs Gate, to name a few. I'm enjoying every minute and it's hard for me to stop playing. This is definitely a game that I seriously recommend to all old school RPG players.