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OS: Android/IOS


Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Size: 240.6 MB

Offered: Habby





Dangerous zombies are attacking the entire city! The city is in peril! Awakened by the trial of dreams, you've no choice but to take on the heroic mantle of saving the city! As a human warrior with unlimited potential, you and other survivors will have to pick up your weapons and battle these evil and dangerous zombies! The horde far outnumbers you - any slip-up and you'll get caught in dire straits! Faced with crisis, you must find a way to survive!


Challenging, but amazing fun. I honestly expected this to be another ad powered casual game that I would play for a few days and then quit when the ads got to my nerves. Instead, it's a semi intense game of luck and strategy, action and discovery that really keeps me invested. The ads are there, but you chose when to watch and they're worth it. Overall, it's fun for anyone looking for an engaging experience. I dont understand how people is complaining the game is hard. Exactly the reason why games are getting so mindlessly easy nowadays. If you dont want to pay then just spend more time grinding gold & exp. I reached level 5 in less than a week, playing less than an hour a day. C’mon, the game is not that hard to understand. Level 3 is good for grinding gold as it is only 8mins besides boss time. Max the drill to fight bosses. Overall, this is already a great game for mobile. Can’t stand all the whining lol.