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Dig Deep!
Dig Deep!

OS: Android/IOS


Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Size: 29.4 MB

Offered: CrazyLabs LTD





Hey ground digger, did you ever want to dig a deep hole in your lawn? Grab a shovel and get to work! What will you find as you dig down thousands of layers deep into the earth? Just dig it until the bottom, you are a pro ground digger and a deep hole is your target! Dig this deep hole with a shovel in the lawn till the center of the earth, find and collect valuable coins so you can buy workers to dig for you. Did deep and enjoy this addicting game!


The game is nice. however there is a bug in the game. once the characters bag is full and if he still proceeds to dig the app crashes and when the app crashes it goes back I the game. For example the unlocked items get locked again. do fix this bug and retest! because I love the game it's fun but if I am doing something I get a ad then when I get back from the ad 2 seconds later I get another ad. After the ads everything is all laggy and also for me it's hard to control the guy. Very fun game. My progress saved. I haven't gotten too 1000. Oh wow I like the update it has gold in the mines now and diamonds!