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WorldCraft: 3D Build & Block Craft
WorldCraft: 3D Build & Block Craft

OS: Android/IOS


Updated: April 12, 2021

Size: 102M

Offered: Playlabs, LLC





★Welcome to WorldCraft - Best Crafting and Building 2020 Game Played by Thousands of Players ★ PLAY NOW free creative online multiplayer games or survival exploration games. Build a mini world 3D and share to multiplayer. Mine and block craft, gather different resources, fight mobs to satisfy your hunger, survive. Our game is EASY & FUN!


Good game, I had a lot of fun. But there is a problem in the world called "Parties4Ever". The problem is that there is a type of NATO role players like Parussians, who distract other people and don't let us have fun. I mean, I have an empire in that world but Parusians, they're so annoying. Please delete them I got this game years ago, but stopped playing for 2 years. I had recently downloaded it again and realized it had new skin packs and a Minecraft option to upload your own skin. Now I was thinking, "I don't have Minecraft on this device, but let me see if I can download a skin to my camera roll (I have the iPhone 7 Plus) and see if it works." It wasn't, but I would like it to be an option to download skins for the game because the same skin options are getting boring. I also think it would be great if there were interaction options like survival mode. When playing multiplayer (online), you must use a figure of imagination for role-playing games. It would be amazing if you added interactions like sitting, eating, sleeping, etc. Also for each world there should be night and day as in real life to make it more realistic. Like survival mode, from day to night. For example, it is daytime for 12 minutes and nighttime for 12 minutes. Makes role play more fun and realistic. On the other hand, I love this game and have been playing it for years, but improvements and add-ons would expand the platform! I hope they are well. I want to tell you about a problem that I have faced. I have problems with the "saddle". When I get a saddle, buy it or grow it, use it with my horses, start a trip and everything is fine. But once I get home and go to bed, the next day (also in the game) or even a couple of minutes, the saddles disappear, the horses no longer have them. I would really appreciate if you can fix it as soon as you can. Hugs!