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PlanetCraft: Block Craft Games
PlanetCraft: Block Craft Games

OS: Android/IOS


Updated: May 3, 2021

Size: 186M

Offered: Playlabs, LLC





★Welcome to PlanetCraft – the best open world games with survival and creative online multiplayer. ★ Build your own mini world 3D. Mine resources to craft block, survive. Play now alone or with friends in this super fun exploration crafting and building adventure game.


I mean it's not the beasts game I played, let's start with the good stuff. So the game has several aspects and I love that. But some cost a LOT of coins. Then there is the bad. So I'm far behind and the skins aren't that bad. So maybe I would recommend it. And my sister and my brother like it a little. And I get a little angry when I try to go to a place and have a rp ppl screw it up. And I want a private server for me and my brothers. Although I think I really like it. So I think my brothers like it too. So creator please enter a f.r which stands for friend request. And a private server. And please also put something that can see what your friends are playing and can join them. And have the how you say this fix the way the characters look like Minecraft. So I have a lot of complaints about the game. And that's it baiiiiiii. Okay this game is great I can't wait for it to reload online but you need to make it where we can change our nicknames and friends, you also need to add a water block because I really enjoy building houses but come on. every house is better with a pool you can also add some kind of terrain that is like an urban landscape please and thank you this game is great I am on a scale of one to ten so I recommend I give an 8 and if you add all that stuff then i need a bigger scale because i would recommend it to everyone i know I want you to add. in the villagers and the villages and those blocks that you can walk through that looks like a different block and a mass when all things like a, or tools, beef or food to wood look deferent if you do this, ima , cry with tears of happiness and add those fish to the water and add like a dragon skins like human dragon and you can decorate it and human wolf skins and more skins. Also different things like cookie jars. A block that can turn you into a tower in the quick arena of the shop and make deferent wings in the shop like an RPG! And the wings cost less than it is